Other Services

Convenience and expertise

Visa Services

Carfax is a registered company at the second of three possible levels with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our immigration advisors have many years’ experience with visa support and are experts in the laws and regulations that govern immigration in the UK, US, Schengen zone and a range of other countries.

Our immigration advisors will provide you with a full list of documents, arrange appointments and fill application forms, submit all documents to visa centres and arrange all necessary translations, proof all financial documents and accompany you or your child to the appointment, if applying from the UK.

Accommodation Search

We are able to help arrange alternative accommodation for University students and their parents. For example, if your child missed on application deadline for University halls and needs helping finding private residential halls, or a flat, this can be arranged. We can also take care of utility bills, internet connection, local transport accounts, mobile telephone lines, cleaning and cooking services and even help managing the flat for the duration of their stay.

Parents who regularly travel to the UK can benefit from our services related to arranging short-stay accommodation in key cities in the UK.

School and University Selection

Most of the parents already have a school or University in mind when looking for guardians. If you have still not decided on which school to go to and would like advice, please contact us at enquiries@carfax-guardians.com.

Holiday Revision and Summer Schools

For students who prefer to travel home or need tuition during term time, we offer tutors in London, Oxford, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, St Petersburg and Baku – online or in person. It is a great opportunity to join holidays with intense revision, or refresh your memory after the summer.

Over the years we have established a successful partnership with Carfax College in Oxford, which is offers valuable 1:1 and group revision courses during school breaks. The College provides tutors with the highest qualifications who have a thorough understanding of British school curricula and vast teaching experience. University students can also benefit from 1:1 revision in preparation for exams.

Medical services

We can arrange optician appointments, visits to private doctors, assist with organising vaccination for school and family trips, dental care, physio, any other specialists. Your guardian will go through health insurance options with you on your request.

Travel and transfers

Our selected transfer providers are licensed to offer transfer services, have necessary qualifications and check for work with children and outstanding reputation. We check references and recommendations as thoroughly as license and insurance.