Guardianship Services

First things first

Boarding Schools

Before the start of the academic year the guardian will help with any arrangements to prepare for the school year from completing all forms and making subject choices to purchasing uniforms and personal belongings, explain the school rules and schedule for the first few weeks, arrange transport for parents and pupils on the first day.

Later during term time our guardians will visit your child at school, attend parents’ evenings and sport events, sign documents and grant permissions on your behalf, send off school reports to translate if required, arrange access to emergency money and bank account, organize home stay during holidays and additional tuition. Our guardians are available around the clock for any emergencies.

Our guardians are available around the clock for any emergencies.

Day Schools

Guardianship in day schools is available for both families who are relocating to the UK and would like educational guardians to help them while settling down, and to the families who wish for their children to study at a day school and live with a host family.

Guardians will help in preparing children for school if required, make all necessary purchases, and will look after their academic development. If the family chooses for the child to live with a host family, hosts will take full care of the pupil and make sure they have a safe and fun environment that helps them achieve their academic aims and enriches them culturally. All necessary welfare arrangements can be organised, including school runs, extra-curricular activities outside of school time, private tuition or anything else.


Although guardianship is not required for students over the age of 18, the support and advice of a dedicated professional can help a student adapt to a new environment. Guardians can alleviate your worries when facing the unknown: local laws, university rules, flat rental practices, access to health, and other important provisions of adult life. By offering individual support Carfax Guardians will provide young people with recourse to extra help and advice while they are learning to live independently.

Special Education Needs

It is a difficult decision to send your child to study abroad for every parent, but if your child has special educational needs, it can be even harder. The UK's independent and specialist schools for children are recognised as some of the best in the world. These schools can boost your child’s abilities, help them to adapt to learning, enhance their talents and creativity, and teach them necessary skills for independent living.

Carfax Guardians is the only company in the UK providing guardianship for overseas students with special educational needs. Our services range from making sure children with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and other learning difficulties are happy at their boarding schools to providing everything they need to succeed in their educational and life pursuits. Both options, Educational Guardian and Guardian Host Family, are available for your child.


Many services offered by Carfax Guardians are available for children studying in Swiss and US schools and Universities. From making necessary purchases, to attending parents’ evenings, to providing around-the-clock availability and emergency response, Carfax Guardians work as a seamless link between your child and you, no matter where you are.