The Carfax Difference

Selection. Experience. Flexibility.


Carfax Guardians understands the importance of having stringent selection requirements for guardians. We ensure that the guardian who represents your child’s interests is capable and responsible and lives up to Carfax’s standards.

Our age requirement for guardians guarantees the appointment of mature and experienced professionals. In line with the requirements of the best schools, a guardian appointed by Carfax is always available and able to take care of pupils outside term time and in some cases during term for health reasons and emergencies.

Many of our educational guardians and host families come from the medical and educational professions and have personal experience in the world of private education. This is why Carfax Guardians are confident to offer advice in a wide range of situations that parents face while their children study abroad - whether their concerns are of a pastoral, medical or academic nature.

Our host families offer an exciting and valuable opportunity to integrate into British culture, learn about traditions, experience the local way of life and most importantly, allow your child to feel at home away from home.

We take special care in making sure that home stay conditions are outstanding: comfortable homes, experienced families, similar hobbies and friendly environments.

Educational Guardians

We offer educational guardianship in the UK, US and Switzerland. An educational guardian is usually an office-based guardian, employed by the company, who visits your child at school, makes arrangements with and communicates to schools in your place, and arranges homestay with a host family for holidays and short breaks.

Educated to a minimum of degree level and very experienced in the school and university sector, our guardians offer children not only affection, but an expertise in a wide range of fields. Needless to say, every guardian undergoes vigilant child safeguarding training and qualifies in providing first aid.

Flexible homestay during holidays allows us to provide enriching cultural programmes: For example children may travel to Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, or London, regardless of the location of their school. This option is great for boarding school pupils.

It is possible to appoint an educational guardian for children in day schools, including when parents live in the U.K., for example if parents have just relocated or find it hard to communicate in English.

Sample Guardian Profile


Educational Guardian
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Guardian Host Families

If your home country is far away or it is not possible for your child to travel home for every holiday, a host family can be appointed as your child’s guardians. This is a fantastic option for pupils planning to stay with a host family every break, as it provides an opportunity for you and your child to build a strong relationship with the family.

This is both a great solution for boarding pupils from far away, and an exciting alternative for day pupils. If you are considering this route, please check with the school first as to whether they allow such arrangements and will issue the acceptance letter for a Tier 4 visa, as not every school accepts day international pupils, while most 6th form colleges do.

Sample Host Family Profile

John and Rebecca

Oxford, England
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