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Whilst the UK has very stringent child protection laws, the guardianship industry is not regulated by any government organization. This means that the government currently does not check companies and individuals acting as guardians. In order to protect children and ensure that adults involved in their care promote their safety and well-being, AEGIS (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) was established. Together with the Association, Carfax Guardians makes it its paramount priority to safeguard children and young people away from home and to care for them to the highest standards.


Working with Carfax Guardians

Our people and culture are redefining what it means to be a professional educational service. Our focus on creating a workplace in which our team can find inspiration, collaboration, and stimulation encourages a business environment and professional processes which work best for staff and clients. Carfax Guardians is committed to maintaining a business that places learning and personal interaction at the heart of our company culture and recognises the rights and dignity of all contributors.

We offer challenging work, meaningful development opportunities and flexibility that is hard to match. To join Carfax is to join a leading global network of talented professionals. We welcome diversity amongst our staff and ensure that all candidates for roles are treated fairly within a selection process that is based solely on the individual merits of candidates and on selection criteria relevant to the post.

There are endless reasons to work with Carfax Guardians. If you are ready to make a difference – come and join us and help shape the future of children in education world-wide!

For career information and opportunities, please enquire with a cover letter and CV to enquiries@carfax-guardians.com

For agents

At Carfax Guardians, we work to support your promise of top-class education and opportunities by providing exceptional after-placement support to your clients. In fact, we see it as the most important aspect of finalising the transition from agent to school and guardian. If, as a part of your services, you attend to some of the pupil’s affairs after placement, we will work with you to ensure transparency and sharing, consistent with your working model.

We value and respect our agents and enjoy forming close and durable relationships with agencies and individuals.

Carfax Education Group

Carfax Education Group comprises a number of educational enterprises and institutions, each focused on bringing the best of British, American, and Swiss education to private and corporate clients around the world.

Within the Group, Carfax Guardians are in charge of practical support and pastoral oversight for international students, providing comprehensive guardianship and care services for pupils studying at British boarding schools whose parents live overseas. Practical support for foreign students at British universities is also offered.